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  Untangling the real-time challenge
  Melhores práticas para gerenciar o relacionamento com seus clientes
  Webcast - Bell Canada case study: Best practices for marketing optimization in the call center
  Webcast - Accelerating the Customer-Centric Journey: Bring the Customer to the Product Not the Product to the Customer
  Webcast - Banking on Customer Intelligence: How financial services firms can leverage customer data to rebuild trust
  Webcast - Customer Experience Management Strategy & Design
  Webcast - Double or triple your offer acceptance rates? Capture and use customer data to improve every interaction
  Webcast - Double Your Offer-Acceptance Rates and Cross-Sell Revenue with Inbound Marketing
  Webcast - How to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue with Outbound Marketing
  Webcast - Infor CRM Epiphany Outbound Marketing 7.2.1
  Webcast - Infor CRM Epiphany Sales and Service 7.0.3 Generally Available Today
  Webcast - Putting the Recession in the Rearview Mirror: Positioning your business for recovery and long-term success
  Webcast - Epiphany CRM Interaction Advisor 7.0.3
  Epiphany CRM Outbound Marketing 7.2
  Webcast - Customer Interaction Management: Identifying Highest Impact Offers
  Webcast - Dialing Up Customer Value
  Webcast - How can you influence up to 50% more cross-sell in a business-to-consumer environment?
  Webcast - Intelligent CRM Strategies for the Slow-Growing Economy
  Webcast - Intelligent Customer Interactions via Analytical CRM
  Webcast - Multi-Channel Retailing Strategies: Enhance Brand Loyalty, Trust and Value with Every Customer Interaction
  Webcast - Next generation manufacturers are customer focused
  Webcast - Popular CRM Strategies to Fight Economic Downturns
  Webcast - Save Green by Going Green: How Managing Emissions and Energy Can Reduce Costs
  Webcast - Unleashing the Value in Your Customer Database: Practical Steps for B-to-B Marketers
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