Webcast - Multi-Channel Retailing Strategies: Enhance Brand Loyalty, Trust and Value with Every Customer Interaction

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"A good recommendation engine is worth a lot of money. According to a report by industry analyst Forrester, one-third of customers who notice recommendations on an e-commerce site wind up buying something based on them."

-"How Computers Know What We Want-Before We Do," Time Magazine, May 2010

You have the opportunity to impact the customer experience each time a customer interacts with you on any channel: email, web site, call center, or store. By basing decisions for content and recommendations on like-minded customers, you make the experience more personal and relevant to help boost response and increase loyalty -- ultimately increasing customer satisfaction with every interaction.

Are you able to take advantage of all your multiple interactions with "anytime/anywhere" consumers? Are you able to differentiate yourself from other retailers who offer all of their customers the same special of the week?

View this webcast recording to see how you can manage the complexities of synchronizing up-sell, cross-sell and retention programs in a retail environment with multiple touch points, data, products, and offers. Learn how you can design cross-channel campaigns and deliver consistent recommendations via web, point-of-sale, smart phones and other channels. Key take-aways from this webinar include:

  • Use customer intelligence to optimize every interaction

  • Create dynamic, customized offers at each customer touch point

  • Build customer friendships using insight and analytics

  • Increase revenue with cross-sell and up-sell programs

See how the Infor CRM Epiphany family of Advisor solutions can help you convert more interactions into sales, increase the amount of each sale, and keep customers coming back for more. During the webcast, you'll see how:

  • Shopping Advisor gives customers a personalized shopping experience to boost the size of each sale and differentiate your brand.

  • Data Advisor generates prioritized questions to customers across channels whenever there are opportunities to collect data to enhance the customer experience.

  • E-mail Advisor delivers dynamic content and offers whenever an email is opened, increasing click-through rates by up to 50%.

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