Webcast - Intelligent Customer Interactions via Analytical CRM

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Knowing your customers well and utilizing CRM analytics to drive intelligent customer interaction management is the winning formula for long-term growth.  Learn the six steps required to achieve this winning formula from leading authority Barton Goldenberg and visionary analytical CRM software provider Infor.  In this "no bull" event, Barton will present the six step formula and share his insights into how to deliver each step with excellence.  Infor will reinforce these steps using real customer examples.  Barton will also facilitate a participant-driven Q&A session.  If your organization is preparing for long-term growth, this is one recorded webcast you will not want to miss.

  • Learn the six steps to build a customer-centric, long-term growth strategy

  • Hear multiple case studies about organizations that have reaped the benefits of using CRM analytics to drive intelligent customer transactions and effective customer experience management

  • Have the opportunity to share your thoughts and questions with a CRM industry leading authority and a visionary CRM software provider

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