Webcast - Intelligent CRM Strategies for the Slow-Growing Economy

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You've recently heard that by most definitions the recession has ended. But now, you still feel empty-handed and you're confusion is worse than it was before. During the recession, you had facts and figures with which to contend. Despite the bad news, the recessionary enemy was clear. Today, you have conflicting economic information and uncertainty reigns within the market.

What should you believe?

Three questions are on everybody's mind:

  • Corporate productivity rates are climbing and unemployment rates hover around 10%. How you will do more with less budget and fewer resources in 2010?

  • Clear economic indicators are unavailable to support the recent economic good news. Is short-term government spending responsible for the positive increase in the US GDP or is it true market-driven recovery?

  • How do you play CRM defense against an economy that could go in any number of directions in 2010?

Gather your teammates and listen to Chris Fletcher from AMR Research and Tony Compton from Infor CRM discuss fact-based market observations and arm you with the intelligence you need to finally make those tough corporate decisions before the end of the year.

During this webcast recording, you will learn:

  • How CRM leaders continue to invest and win, despite the economic uncertainties

  • Keys to Above-Average Growth in 2010: Employing methods that develop incremental revenue streams and uncover hidden opportunities

  • Smart approaches to balancing CRM investments which enhance customer service while reducing support costs

Have some fun and make some money with CRM in 2010. View an exciting webcast recording and learn what's new from AMR Research and Infor CRM. You'll start the new year with a leg up on the competition.

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