Webcast - Popular CRM Strategies to Fight Economic Downturns

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You read and hear about your friends that use effective CRM solutions to weather the economic storm, produce remarkable financial gains and measure positive, unexpected results - despite today's challenging conditions.

It's in the toughest of times when true business leaders stand up and demonstrate who they are and what they believe about how to handle world-class CRM programs. We'll discuss how customer loyalty leaders are cutting through the clutter to use market dynamics to their advantage by employing intelligent CRM solutions which produce gains you may think unattainable in today's economy.

These are the "make it or break it" times for many in the CRM industry but we're offering you a lifeline. During this webinar,  we'll give you a plan for success by focusing on two areas that critically need your attention. You'll get a fast handle on how to drive top-line revenue through cross-sell opportunities and customer retention programs.

As a result, you'll be able to show others how-to:

  • Best invest CRM dollars in today's economy

  • Make the correct decisions concerning CRM technologies

  • Identify Social CRM trends and the impact they will have on the future

  • Use customer data and analytical tools to support CFM strategies

  • Follow examples from the Retail, Financial Services and Communication industries

  • Generate results by March 1st

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