Webcast - Accelerating the Customer-Centric Journey: Bring the Customer to the Product Not the Product to the Customer

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One-to-one marketing is still a continuing journey, not a destination. The journey, however, is at a critical stage. It is more important than ever for companies to take a hard look at their customer strategy and the data that drives it. The rate of change driven by the Internet and globalization will only increase over the next ten years. The one constant over that period of time will be the importance of increasing customer value. Companies must have detailed answers to the questions: How valuable are my customers currently? How can I get them to buy more frequently? How are my sales and marketing initiatives affecting those numbers?

Companies are driving toward relevant customer relationships and maximizing client experience. At the same time, product offers, and in particular integrated offers consisting of multiple products and services, are getting more complex and with disparate business applications and databases and no formalized process for cross-selling or up-selling, customers cannot find the right product in the webstore and Customer Service Reps (CSRs) can not easily recommend newer or more competitive products to inbound callers.

Join leaders in CRM from Bell Canada and Infor as they discuss how presenting offers designed around specific customer profiles will drive new product acquisitions, increase cross sell, strengthen customer retention, provide a greater customer experience and overall revenue growth. Owen Sonnenschein of Bell Canada will discuss how the only way to generate new revenue through existing customers is to cross-sell features and up-sell new rate plans. Jackie Palmer of Infor will discuss how organizations must move from data to insight and how they can use that insight to create a meaningful customer dialogue, resulting in higher marketing output and increased sales on the web and in the call center.

Our speakers for this event:

Owen Sonnenschein, Associate Director CRM, Bell Canada
Jackie Palmer, Senior Product Manager, Infor
Marla Chupack, Moderator, American Marketing Association

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