Webcast - Customer Experience Management Strategy & Design

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All CRM leaders in every industry segment eagerly trumpet popular customer sentiments such as "the 360 degree view of the customer", "single view of the customer", or "building the customer experience".  While many pay lip service to these concepts, very few of your industry colleagues have truly designed a strategic customer experience with revenue and profitability in mind.

But you're different and will rise above the competition.

This webcast will deliver actionable guidelines and procedures on how you can generate a competitive advantage through effective customer interaction management that leads to the identification of high value customer relationships, while simultaneously retaining lower value customers through lower-cost sales and service channels.

During this discussion, you will takeaway:

  • Stats and industry intelligence that provide a look into the competitive CRM landscape

  • Strategies to support demand-driven organizations and the ongoing efforts to achieve distinct advantages

  • Tactics to quickly adjust segmentation programs and service level rules through the concept of relationship-based workflows

  • Methods to help with the reporting and analysis of customer experience management initiatives

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