Webcast - Dialing Up Customer Value

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Today consumers often look inward, spending less time (and money) on travel and dining out and more on home-based entertainment: TV, movie rentals, video games, and Web surfing. Competition for what little consumer dollars remain is fiercer than ever.

Thanks to improvements in technology and deregulation that enables communications, media, and entertainment (CME) companies to offer overlapping products and services, the emphasis has shifted from acquiring new customers to retaining existing ones. As a result, the marketing wars have ratcheted up even further.

Don Peppers, founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, and Tony Compton, director of solutions marketing at Infor, discuss why CME companies need to improve their customer engagement initiatives, and the importance of customer analytics not only in retaining customers, but also in increasing their share-of-wallet in such a highly competitive space.

Find out how CSRs at Bell Mobility—a division of Bell Canada Enterprises—have improved new-offer sales to inbound customer contacts by 18 percent, with more than a 50 percent response rate.

By viewing this recorded webcast you will learn: 

  • Common mistakes that CME providers make in terms of customer engagement

  • How companies develop better insight into customer engagement,
    profitability, and lifetime value

  • What CME companies need to do better to reduce churn and gain a competitive edge in the markets they serve

  • How important it is for companies to leverage new social media channels to measure customer activities and sentiment

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