Webcast - Save Green by Going Green: How Managing Emissions and Energy Can Reduce Costs

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Can a manufacturing company "go green" within its enterprise and supply chain, and get a payoff that keeps the black ink flowing? As manufacturers get serious about reducing greenhouse gases, their biggest hurdle is the uncertainty over which approach to cutting carbon emissions makes the best financial sense.

This webcast shows you a hands-on, practical perspective on how technology solutions can highlight the cost drivers behind these growing "green" issues, and offer your company reduced costs, increased efficiency, and more earth-friendly operations.

This webcast features two experts with more than 55 combined years of energy, operations, and enterprise asset management experience. These speakers discuss key green initiatives and the emerging solutions associated with energy consumption and carbon emissions management. You learn how your enterprise can improve its efficiency and reduce costs, through strategic business planning within its supply chain and asset management.


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Featured Speakers

Brad Kenney
Associate Editor

Glen Lewis
Industrial Energy Efficiency Advisor
California Energy Commission

Rod Ellsworth
Vice President of EAM Business Solutions

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