Webcast - Business continuity and disaster recovery: How prepared are you?

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The list of potentially business-disrupting events is almost endless: viruses, hardware malfunctions, power outages, natural disasters, and even human error. The economic impact of any of these events can be significant. Publicly traded companies incurring business disruption lost an average of 8% of shareholder value in the first few days-some as high as 35%.

During this webcast, Mike Foster, CEO of The Foster Institute, Vital IT systems specialist, and author of THE SECURE CEO: How To Protect Your Computer Systems, Your Company, and Your Job ("Plain English Information Every CEO & Key Executive Needs to Know about Network Security and IT Best Practices to Stop Hackers and Slackers"), points out exactly what you need to do to be prepared for a disaster. Today, many businesses rely on their access to technology, receiving and shipping systems, and employees being able to work every week of the year. As an executive, protect the investment you have made in your organization. Make a plan-and stay in business!

We will discuss:

  • Taking the plan into action with a disaster recovery plan (DRP)

  • Defining the procedures required to restore IT systems, applications, and data, and providing access to the user community

  • How other companies have handled disasters and prepared for them

  • How you can prepare for disaster

You'll also hear how Infor can assist you to determine the continuity and recovery requirements of your business.

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