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Are you getting the most out of Infor ERP A+?

If your Infor ERP A+ is not notifying you when key events occur in your business, maybe you're not. Imagine the improvement to your business if Infor ERP A+ was able to recognize and tell you about key events that occur— an order for a key customer that doesn't ship; or an order where the goods ship below your profit margin thresholds. Better yet, imagine that your enterprise application could monitor the responses to those events and escalate them as appropriate to make sure that they are being handled. Sound hard to believe? Well it's not— not with the Workflow Management tool.

Workflow Management allows users to proactively monitor and manage process flows such as notifying a customer of the shipment of an order. This tool creates an intelligent communication link between the system and its users, customers and vendors for all functional areas of the business including customer service, finance, purchasing and the warehouse.

Features include:

  • Alerts sent when critical states are set in key processes

  • Ability to fully tailor alert messages

  • Data elements sent as part of alert message

  • Multiple messages and recipients per alert

  • Time-sensitive escalation

  • Ability to send messages to other application users or externally via email

  • Ability to customize alerts in a multitude of ways

  • Query Alert, making customer alert creations easy

  • Alert history retained for later follow-up

  • Launching of applications from within the alerts, making follow-up easy

  • Optional consolidation of alerts to a specific time interval or time of day to alleviate interruptions

Customers who have already implemented Workflow Management have realized ROI in a matter of days. Shouldn't you?

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