Webcast - Going GUI with Infor ERP A+

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If your company is currently using the character-based version of Infor ERP A+ or an earlier version of A+ GUI, then you will want to attend this presentation on the new and improved Infor ERP A+ GUI! Use this graphical user interface to capitalize on the hardware investment that you've already made, continue to use all the ERP A+ robust functionality, and take advantage of all the features and benefits of using a GUI application.

During this webcast find out how you can use Infor ERP A+ GUI to modernize your business, reduce the expense of setting up new locations, and reduce the learning curve for new users. Learn how A+ GUI can:

  • Be easily deployed on just a few workstations or to your entire organization via Internet

  • Improve learning time for new employees with a familiar Windows look and feel

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of data entry

  • Integrate with other desktop productivity tools like email and spreadsheets

Learn all the benefits of Infor ERP A+ GUI and how its ease of use can make your employees more proficient and more productive.

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