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With so many disparate products, distributors must respond to industry pressures and complexities with a strong focus on the consumer. Infor's Business Intelligence solutions can help you achieve success by meeting demands to improve supply chain processes and manage inventory more effectively with transparency, traceability, and efficiency.

Add greater value to your business while supporting more cost-effective operations through web-based reporting and analysis. This is especially important for small and medium-size distributors looking to drive top-line growth and sustain competitiveness in their industries. Even small-cost improvements can have an impact on profits.

Using Infor data@work, you can automatically track and improve business operations in the area of:

  • Financial analysis-return on investment, cost per order, distribution cost efficiency

  • Asset management-inventory turns, equipment downtime

  • Quality-number of back orders or stock-outs, frequency of damage

  • Process management-units processed per hour, orders picked per hour

  • Warehouse use-fill rate, stock-out rate, storage use

  • Customer satisfaction-% of on-time delivery and customer returns

  • Compliance-industry and government mandates

These metrics that are based on accurate, up-to-date data enables management to analyze and convert them into meaningful information including trends and forecasts for visibility of current inventory and future requirements to help streamline operations and reduce costs. And, automated solutions tailored for your sales teams can help ensure that they provide real-time information to customers and manage sales orders with ease and efficiency, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Designed for rapid deployment, Infor data@work-powered by CorVu-is the choice for distributors using Infor ERP A+ or Commerce@Work who want to gain critical insight into their data for the development of successful strategies, improved decision-making, and taking action on a timely basis.

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