Webcast - Building a Customer-Centered Business with Infor ERP CORrelation CRM

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For Infor ERP SX.enterprise and Infor ERP A+

Successful distributors have always recognized the importance of putting the customer first. But while customer service has long been a key part of how companies go to market, building and maintaining a truly customer-centered business is more and more complex.

Today's customers have more options on where and how they buy— and higher expectations for sales and service. A company's willingness and ability to go the extra mile to fulfill a customer's need becomes a key differentiator.

Attend this webcast to learn the benefits of utilizing a business-specific Customer Relationship Management solution to manage interactions— from first contact to purchase to post-sale follow-up. You will see how Infor ERP CORrelation CRM offers comprehensive contact and activity management capabilities in addition to advanced marketing campaign functionality.

During this webcast, you will see all the capabilities of CORrelation— including enhancements in the next release— and how they give you the ability to:

  • Manage accounts and account activities

  • Automate follow-up activities

  • Manage lists and data input

  • Capture information to use in the creation of marketing campaigns

You will also see how to build a history of interactions with customer contacts via calls, meetings, tasks, projects, training, sales opportunities, and customer service. Plus, you will learn how to tailor programs and product offerings to fit the patterns and priorities of your customers and prospects.

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