Webcast - Why Is Document Management Even More Important When Budgets Are Tight?

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Looking for ways to tighten budgets during the business slowdown? Implementing a document management solution can generate substantial short-term savings by eliminating manual paper-intensive processes. Many distributors are using it as part of their strategy to combat the current challenging economic environment.

View this recorded webcast to find out how the Infor document management solution from MaxRecall management helps you leverage your ERP investment and delivers a positive impact on your bottom line: current Infor customers have achieved a payback period of less than 12 months.

See how your company can:

  • Reduce costly labor expenses from filing, retrieving, emailing, routing, and searching for documents.

  • Decrease time and cost of assembling documents for audits and compliance programs.

  • Decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by automating delivery of invoices.

  • Streamline business processes by changing to paperless, rules-based workflow.

  • Publish documents via a web portal to free up customer service representatives.

  • Manage internal documents through configurable queries.

  • Automatically import electronic transactions, faxes, EDI messages, lockboxes, and more.

In today's economy, you shouldn't ignore this cost savings opportunity. Discover how MaxRecall document management provides an attractive time to value and a demonstrated ability to reduce cost and improve efficiency for distribution companies

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