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In today's changing market and constant increase in the cost of freight, managing transportation is a very important area of any distributor. The ability to utilize software that has a low total cost of ownership yet has the ability to manage all modes of carriers and services to obtain the most economical methods of transportation to meet your customer's in-hand delivery expectations are key. Infor has worked closely with Logicor to provide Infor ERP SX.enterprise customers with a fully integrated and robust suite of transportation capabilities.

Manage all of your parcel and LTL shipping from a single centralized enterprise system.

View this webcast to see how GlobalShip™ from Logicor delivers an enterprise-class, multi-carrier shipping solution to your complex shipping challenges. With a Logicor solution, you establish a single point of execution for all small package (DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS + many more), LTL, and TL shipments - not only simplifying shipping practices, but also reducing your overall cost. This robust suite of shipping execution and management products is tightly integrated with many Infor solutions such as Infor ERP SX.enterprise, Infor Total Warehouse Logistics, Infor SCM Warehouse Management, Infor SCM Transportation Management, and others through our LogiCOM middleware API and business rules engine.

Hear about the benefits seen by other distributors using GlobalShip include:

  • Enterprise management from single server to reduce management and cost of ownership

  • Full integration with SX.enterprise and TWL

  • Improved customer tracking and delivery status

  • Multiple locations easily added

  • Lower shipping cost by rate shopping between carriers

  • Better information on shipments for the customer

  • Desktop shipping for outside employees and vendors

  • Robust reporting and business intelligence

The Logicor solutions operate on three distinct platforms. GlobalShip™ runs on the Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms, while GlobalShip iSeries™ utilizes the IBM System i platform with WebSphere capability. Additionally, Logicor offers an EAI (Enterprise Application Interface), LogiCOM, which enables seamless, high-performance connections to other enterprise systems such as ERP and Warehouse Management.

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