Webcast - Make Better Business Decisions with Pro BI for Infor ERP FACTS

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Are you trying to understand the "why" behind your business performance? The Pro Business Intelligence (Pro BI) solution takes data collected and stored in Infor ERP FACTS and turns it into meaningful information that you can use in your daily activities. With information in accessible reports and analysis, you can make better, more timely business decisions.

View this webcast to see how Pro BI delivers affordable and fully integrated business intelligence capabilities so you can perform your own multidimensional analysis, create reports, and easily share the results to make better decisions.

Find out how Pro BI draws information from your system database to model and build PowerCubes. These cubes are optimized data sets that enable users to quickly perform analysis on multiple aspects of your business to see:

  • How sales might change over time

  • How often inventory turns

  • How suppliers have performed

See how easily novice to advanced users across your company can explore large volumes of summarized data in seconds. Intelligently harvest the information you already have in Infor ERP FACTS to gain a competitive advantage for your business!

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