Introduction to Infor CRM Business

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As part of our alliance with Microsoft, Infor now offers you Infor CRM Business, powered by Microsoft.

Infor CRM Business is a full customer relationship management suite with marketing, sales, and service capabilities that can help you:

  • Deliver the right offer to the right contact at the right time. Better understand your market, target your resources, and generate more demand.

  • Allow your salespeople to succeed. Streamline and automate sales processes for shorter sales cycles, higher close rates, and improved customer experiences.

  • Improve existing customer relationships. Easily access your customer's data-current and past issues, call logs, and emails-while identifying new opportunities.

You can transform your sales, marketing, and service performance in a rapid, affordable, and streamlined way. A 360-degree view through a familiar user interface helps you minimize costs, and improve employee and customer satisfaction.

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