Webcast - Infor EAM: Manage your Infor EAM software lifecycle with EPAK

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Getting and keeping users trained and productive on Infor EAM processes is no easy task. A first step is to give your users a single platform with consistent formatting and messaging for all your Infor EAM process and software documents. The Infor Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK) is the tool designed to help you build your Infor EAM employee skill sets and make them more productive before, during, and after implementation.

In this webcast you will see how EPAK can help you achieve:

    Higher user acceptance
  • Smoother, faster implementations

  • Fewer support requests

  • Lower training costs per employee

  • Increased employee productivity

No matter how far you are in implementing Infor EAM, EPAK is a great training tool to help your users see it, try it, know it, and do it during:

  • Pre-implementation: To evaluate functionality and conduct user

  • Implementation: To provide tools for instructor-led and web-based training, as well as usage tracking and user acceptance training

  • Post-implementation: To deliver job aids, product assistance, simulations, and application coaching

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