Webcast - Infor EAM at Grimmway Farms: MP2 Upgrade

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Grimmway Farms is one of the largest growers, producers, and shippers of carrots in the world. Headquartered in California, Grimmway Farms first used  MP2 to simply track work orders in two of its departments. As the company evolved, they decided to expand the scope of their asset tracking and looked into Infor EAM so they could monitor costs more thoroughly across the organization. As part of its next step, Grimmway Farms is now setting up alert management to continuously monitor their asset health.

Join Katie Diesl in this webinar as she explains the reasons why Grimmway Farms moved to Infor EAM from MP2, as well as the steps they followed for a smooth transition (including data migration and user training) and the lessons they learned from this upgrade.

If you've been using MP2 and want to hear why you should consider Infor EAM, make sure you view this webinar recording!

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