Webcast - Infor EAM: See what you’ve been missing (MP2 Upgrade)

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For years your company has trusted Infor EAM MP2 as the EAM/CMMS solution for your plant maintenance and operations. But maybe:

  • MP2 is no longer meeting your changing business needs. 

  • You have a corporate/IT mandate to move to a web platform. 

  • You've outgrown the basic maintenance functions in MP2.

See what you've been missing. Join EAM experts in this one-hour on-demand presentation and live demo, created just for MP2 customers who are considering moving to Infor EAM.

If you've been using MP2 and want to see why now's the time you should consider Infor EAM, view part 2 of this on-demand webinar series.

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