Webcast - Managing risk in Asset-Intensive Operations

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Executives in the asset intensive industries today face numerous risks across global manufacturing operations, including: compliance, failure of critical assets, environmental health and safety among others. If not managed in a proactive manner, these risks can stop productions and can result in significant financial losses to companies.

Join Mehul Shah, research analyst at Aberdeen Group as he discusses the results from a recent survey and report on "managing risk in asset-intensive operations".
By viewing this webcast you will:

  • Understand the capabilities Best-in-Class manufacturers are currently adopting to identify, quantify and prioritize risks.

  • Find out how to establish controls to mitigate the risk that most impacts global operations.

  • Get a set of Best Practices and a roadmap for companies in asset intensive operations who need to manage and reduce adverse events on a predictive basis, with a special focus on asset failure.

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