Webcast - Why energy should matter to all manufacturers

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Smart Grid makes it possible to shed energy load, time slot electric consuming processes, mitigate energy waste, and take advantage of cleaner and more reliable energy at lower prices.

View the webcast and hear as experts from Plant Engineering, Infor and ARC Advisory Group explore the Smart Grid and its implications for manufacturing.

You can learn:

  • How manufacturers can benefit from the Smart Grid

  • How to integrate real-time energy visibility, cost, and consumption in your day-to-day operations

  • How to factor the operating performance and respective energy usage costs into your maintenance and control strategies to reduce your overall energy demand

Rod Ellsworth of Infor and Harry Forbes of ARC Advisory Group will make presentations in a Webcast moderated by Plant Engineering editor Bob Vavra. Attendees will also get to ask questions of the presenters in this live event.

Bring Smart Grid within the 4 walls of your plant: View the recording today.


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