Webcast - Maximize your inventory data and streamline storeroom processes

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View this session presented with the Infor EAM UAB (User Advisory Board) to find out how Content Services help companies help control maintenance, repairs, and operations inventory storeroom, clean up and standardize inventory and asset data to eliminate profit-draining obsolete stock, and maximize purchasing decisions.

With Data Cleansing, Data Management, and Inventory Storeroom Management, Content Services can help your company:

  • Reduce surplus inventories and reclaim capital from inventory investments

  • Eliminate spot/maverick buying that drains capital

  • Prepare for e-commerce initiatives that reduce purchase order costs

  • Reduce stock-outs and maximize uptime

  • Save on purchases by consolidating the vendor base

  • Build a standardized maintenance, repairs, and operations inventory database

  • Maximize the ROI of your EAM system

In this webcast you will:

  • See how Content Services helps companies edit and clean existing inventory data and create an accurate baseline database

  • Hear from Infor EAM customers who have implemented Best Practices in their storeroom

  • Learn about the steps to bringing structure and discipline to a company's data management and inventory management processes

PS: If you are interested in learning more about the Infor EAM UAB and become a member, please contact Kevin White, Chair of the User Advisor Board (UAB) for Infor EAM at white39@llnl.gov. You can also directly take the UAB survey to become a member of the Infor EAM UAB.

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