Webcast - Real time data and dynamic reporting with Infor10 ERP Business (SyteLine).

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Is your data redundant, corrupt, or old? Are you running multiple reports that yield different results? We all know consistent data and reporting are critical to an organization's success.

Infor ERP Business provides you with one version of the truth when it comes to data. Our ERP Business application runs on a single database and encompasses your entire business. With real-time dashboards and queries, end users have the ability to make the right business decisions on time. Since ERP Business is built on Microsoft's .NET platform, end users can now do reporting without IT involvement.

During this webinar, Rebekah Stinson, business analyst at Navico, describes how ERP Business provided her with:

  • Access to real-time dashboards, key performance indicators, and queries

  • Confidence in the data

  • Consistent reporting

  • The ability to make quick and efficient decisions

We will also demonstrate how you can input and manage data, and generate dynamic reports across your entire business.

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