Accelerating Business Change through Next-generation ERP: a Call to Action for High-tech and Electronics Manufacturers

How next-generation ERP systems will help tame complexity and drive operational excellence in the high-tech and electronics industry.

As a high-tech and electronics manufacturing leader, you're faced with an ongoing challenge: How do you stay ahead of trends to drive top-line growth while containing costs for profitable growth? Get compelling insights into the trends that shape the industry-and find out how your high-tech peers are generating revenue growth and lowering costs, despite an increasingly uncertain and complex environment-during this recorded webcast, led by Pierfrancesco Manenti, IDC Manufacturing Insights EMEA, Alexander Renz, director of product management, Infor, and Tom van Wanrooij, director of corporate ICT - CIO, Neways Electronics, International N.V.

You'll discover which next-generation technologies you can embrace to accelerate business change and stay ahead of your competitors, based upon a recent research study from IDC Manufacturing Insights: 2011 Operational Excellence in ERP.

You'll also find out:

  • Why current IT systems don't support emerging business models and processes
  • How to better manage complexity in high-tech and electronics
  • Why many existing systems fall short of your requirements, and how next-generation solutions address emerging needs
  • Why and how four new IT forces are shaping next-generation ERP systems

You'll receive a free copy of the Operational Excellence in ERP Research Report for High-tech and Electronics.

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