Webcast - Ready for Recovery: Executing the 7 Factors for Success in the Automotive Aftermarket

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Even in these challenging economic times, the automotive aftermarket can be a growing and vibrant industry for those companies that execute their business strategies successfully. By focusing on these 7 key factors, aftermarket companies can become more productive and profitable:

  • Achieve tight control on business operation by having relevant, trusted information when it's needed

  •  Focus visibility on customers and know exactly who they are and what they want

  • Sustain visibility into supply chains and high reliability with minimized costs

  • Maintain control of market and distribution methods

  • Value product information and intellectual property

  • Stay flexible and dynamic, reacting in near real time to change

  • Look to the future and avoid 'driving by the rear view mirror'

Do you answer 'Yes' to any of these questions:

  • Do you struggle with getting control of business data and spend excess time gathering information to generate the knowledge you need for decision making?

  • Is your information and operating data located in disconnected systems that result in multiple versions of the truth?

  • Are you frustrated by having inadequate visibility of customer information? Are your customers frustrated that you may not know the details about them?

  • Do you suffer from with waste and excess costs due to lack of visibility in the global chain?

If you're facing these challenges, view this recorded webinar to see how you can address them in a cost effective, reliable and efficient method. Hear from our industry experts as they present case studies, metrics and best practices for succeeding in the demanding aftermarket industry.

Our webinar speakers:

Warren Smith
Automotive Industry-Business Solution Architect, Infor

Warren has more than 20 years in the automotive and automotive aftermarket in a business leadership role as an industry architect and proponent of data standards. Warren is a member of AAIA and SEMA.

Bob Moore
President, Bob Moore & Partners

Bob Moore is the president of Bob Moore & Partners, a consulting company that specializes in the transportation parts aftermarket.  The company he formed in 1996 does work in a variety of areas including organizational development, new product development, supply chain technology implementation, sales consulting, business development and strategic planning. 

Moore is a member of the AAIA Technology Strategic Planning Committee and the AAIA Category Management Committee.  He was a co-founder of the SEMA Business Technology Committee and is currently a member of the board of directors of SEMA.

A dedicated proponent of education, Moore has taught several University of the Aftermarket courses, primarily in the area of supply chain technology. 

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