Webcast - Balancing Automotive Supply & Demand with Sales & Operations Planning

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As business operations in the automotive industry become faster paced and the rate of change continues to accelerate, your business needs every advantage possible to stay competitive. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a critical process that should be used to align production with sales demand. But too often this process is hampered by poor information, lack of accuracy and timeliness, and different versions of the truth.

If your business has an S&OP process that is not performing 100%, you will find yourself and the business at a competitive disadvantage. Are you experiencing any of the following situations:

  • Producing WIP/inventory for products where there's no demand

  • Booking more or less than the forecast

  • Changing the forecast too much for production to respond

  • Building up WIP/inventory for products that have a backlog

  • Planned production that is inadequate to reduce the backlog

  • Creating unreasonable forecasts considering your labor capacity

  • Not selling what is most available and most profitable

If your business finds itself in this position, attend this webinar to find out the right tools to fix the problem. Learn how you can have an efficient S&OP process that brings value and profitability to your business with:

  • Lower cost of expediting production

  • Reduce Expedited freight and shipping

  • Increased customer satisfaction and reduced customer chargebacks

  • Reduced excess inventory and working capital

  • Reduced excess labor and overtime costs

  • Reduced required manufacturing equipment (PP&E) thorough efficient schedules

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