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Rapid response to product changes and revisions can mean the difference between maintaining customer satisfaction, sustaining a rapid time to market, or falling behind the competition. To control and speed the process of driving new product revisions to the market, manufacturers need the ability to bridge the gap between engineering, quality assurance, and production control. With the Engineering Change Notice (ECN) module for Infor ERP VISUAL, you gain complete control over product lifecycle management, which enables manufacturing production, quality assurance, and engineering to collaborate more effectively. 

ECN allows you to:

  • Create a process flow with multiple ECN user groups and notification systems 

  • Generate and track ECN tasks and approvals

  • Maintain an audit trail of changes to the ECN records

  • Apply engineering changes to some, or all, work orders in process

View this webcast replay and discover the benefits ECN can provide for your organization. 

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