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"We used EPAK to create training materials for our Infor ERP Baan IV implementation in China. We were able to set up processes, create the training materials with Chinese translations, then train and go live using EPAK. Feedback from the users was that training with EPAK was much better and faster. With EPAK, training takes a fraction of the time to prepare."  Doug Drenth, Flexfab

Is your company facing global expansion and the need to create standardized business processes? Do you need to change your processes to meet new business requirements? Are you losing Baan knowledge due to employee turnover and retirement? Infor can help.

Using Infor's Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK), you can maximize your investment in Infor ERP Baan. EPAK can help you reduce the time and costs of documenting business processes throughout your organization and increase your overall productivity.

You can:

  • Manage your business at all levels: management, development/IT, training, and end users.

  • Develop training materials more effectively.

  • Go beyond DEMS (Dynamic Enterprise Modeler) and increase process adherence with detailed work instructions and skills testing.

With EPAK, your organization gets a single platform with consistent formatting and messaging. You'll see employee productivity increase by as much as 20%, while at the same time reducing transaction errors. You get a more productive and successful workforce, as well as lower costs and higher customer satisfaction rates.

View this on-demand webinar to see Infor EPAK for ERP Baan and discover the benefits you get with Infor EPAK.

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