Webcast - Preparing for Growth: How, Why and Where Manufacturers are Investing as Markets Re-Emerge

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Last year's downturn dramatically changed investment habits for midmarket manufacturers: capital dried up, budgets withered, employees took furloughs or buyouts, and equipment and technology upgrades were put on hold. Even in industries that fared better, lack of capital was a growth constraint. The question executives must ask now is: What impact have the cuts we made to survive had on our ability to grow in 2011 and beyond?

During this webcast recording, you will learn why savvy manufacturing executives have been using the market lull of the economic downturn and stop-and-start recovery to get their corporate houses in order, stabilizing their processes, facilities, and business systems so they're better equipped to manage growth when it returns. These executives are asking:

  • Were we as productive as possible prior to the recession?

  • Were our systems fully leveraged then?

  • How will two years of tight budgets and aging technologies affect reliability and effectiveness of operations going forward?

Find out if you and your firm are ready to compete by hearing key findings from the 2010 Manufacturing Growth Study conducted by The MPI Group and sponsored by Infor. See how savvy manufacturing executives are navigating the precarious competitive landscape -- and discover ways your company can too. You'll learn how to:

  • Identify reasons for weak financial performance

  • Assess your company's cost structure

  • Focus on new customers and new markets

  • Improve end-to-end supply chain operations

  • Green-light strategic capital and IT investments

Hear how your peers are moving from "the year of stability" to "the year of growth," and find out the actions you can take to stay competitive and boost your capacity and capabilities.

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