Webcast - Strategies for Recovery and Renewal in 2010 and Beyond

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Find out when, where, and how manufacturers will be spending on operations, supply chain, sustainability, and growth

Mid-market manufacturers are starting to see the signs of an economic recovery-but must still plan for an uncertain future. Yet some companies are investing and improving now to guarantee success tomorrow, regardless of the economic environment. Managing for today (profitability) as well as for tomorrow (investments)

Find out if you and your firm are ready to compete by hearing the results of the just-released 2010 Manufacturing Growth Study conducted by the MPI Group and sponsored by Infor. You'll learn how savvy manufacturing executives are navigating a precarious competitive landscape by: 

  • Identifying reasons for weak financial performance

  • Assessing their company's cost structure

  • Focusing on new customers and new markets

  • Improving end-to-end supply chain operations

  • Green lighting strategic capital and IT investments

View this webinar to hear the plans and predictions of your peers and what actions to take to stay competitive, including:

  • Will optimistic business performance trends for first-half 2010 hold up? Should you be betting on a continued recovery?

  • Which organizational objectives-operations, supply chain, green/asset sustainability, and growth-are on the agenda of most firms-and which aren't?

  • Spending is accelerating for capital equipment, labor, and technology. Find out where your peers will invest-and where they won't.

  • Many manufacturers plan to purchase or upgrade IT applications. What will your competitors adopt next?

John R. Brandt, CEO of The MPI Group
, will present a comprehensive look at business-building practices and investment plans among manufacturers. The Manufacturing Growth Study provides a unique look into manufacturing organizations at a critical juncture-when many firms are still attempting to minimize spending while at the same time preparing to expand their operations for economic recovery.

Kevin Prouty, Director of Manufacturing Solutions at Infor
, will also provide insights into what the study findings mean to mid-size manufacturers and how they can use them to develop their own operational and investment strategies.

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