Webcast - Improve Shop Floor Efficiency with Infor ERP SyteLine Shop-Trak

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Provide two-way communications between your shop floor and the rest of your organization with Infor ERP SyteLine Shop-Trak, which integrates with all your business applications. Each of your departments— sales, finance, design, management, and operations will share common goals to achieve peak performance. The outcome? Up-to-date schedules, capacities and loads; accurate inventories; and more automated costing.

With online access to status and dispatch information, your workers can see the work they need to do in the order they need to do it, improving on-time order delivery and customer service. You'll streamline operations and increase labor efficiency by reducing time-consuming manual tasks, maximizing your potential for growth and profit.

You will:

  • Improve labor efficiency.

  • Reduce labor costs.

  • Save time with touch-screen access.

  • Improve on-time delivery and customer service.

  • Make better decisions, faster.

Join us and learn how Clark Metals is using SyteLine and Shop-Trak to help reduce work in process, cut raw material costs, and increase inventory accuracy.

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