Webcast - Boost Efficiency, Reduce Costs with Infor ERP TRANS4M Automotive KnowledgeZone

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With a fluctuating economy, more demanding customers and ever tighter margins, finding new way to increase productivity and reduce costs are essential in the automotive marketplace. Many companies are restructuring, rebudgeting and reorganizing to meet today's challenging environment.

  • Has your company downsized?

  • Are you being asked to accomplish more with less?

  • Have your travel budgets been reduced or eliminated completely?

  • Are there additional efficiencies that can be gained in your business processes and/or your use of Infor ERP TRANS4M?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, please plan to view this webinar on the Infor ERP TRANS4M Automotive KnowledgeZone. Learn how the TRANS4M Automotive KnowledgeZone can:

  • Give users the training they desperately need to perform their jobs more efficiently and for the lowest overhead possible

  • Leverage the Internet to attend classes taught by live instructors while eliminating travel expenses

  • Access the latest TRANS4M training classes and materials 24x7x365 using our Self-Paced Class Library

  • Download training manuals, Power Point presentations and focused tip sheets at any time, from any location with Internet access

In today's fiercely competitive and demanding automotive environment, it is critical that you increase efficiencies in all aspects of your business. Find out how the TRANS4M Automotive Knowledge can increase your employees' knowledge and understanding of your business and your Infor ERP TRANS4M solution.

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