Webcast - Making the Case for an Upgrade to Infor ERP LN

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Making the case for an upgrade to Infor ERP LN Demo

Think back to when you implemented Infor ERP Baan: Your business was a lot simpler then, wasn't it? With global business demands, rapidly changing processes, and rigid compliance rules, it's a lot harder to keep up today. What if you could meet new business challenges without reengineering old software?

With Infor ERP LN, you get the most up-to-date ERP technology that works the way you do business in today's market. With a customizable user experience, great integration to third parties, and the ability to run in real time, you'll get the system you've been waiting for without reengineering.

Upgrades are a big decision. Going for an upgrade means convincing your colleagues, management and yourself that the benefits are significant. See how our Infor Advisor Tool helps you evaluate where you are and where you need to be by identifying critical business issues and the expected ROI.

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