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For most manufacturers around the globe today, Lean is a priority. And why not? Every company strives to provide better quality products to its customers faster than the competition, thereby increasing revenues and profitability.

Yet for many who haven't implemented Lean yet, knowing where to focus can be a huge stumbling block: 5S, Kaizen Blitz, JIT or Value Stream Mapping -- all of these and more can be logical strategies. The question is, which one is right for your company?

If you're already familiar with Lean basics and are anxious to take the next step, Lean 202: Where to Begin? can help you answer that question and many more. Hosted by two leading Lean experts, this dynamic, interactive session examines the variety of Lean strategies available and investigate the reasons different companies often use different methods. They also reveal proven strategies for success based on things such as your specific financial situation, your employees and your specific pain points.

Manufacturers in today's ultra-competitive manufacturing environment know that to succeed they have to be Lean. The success of the recent November 16, 2005 Webcast covering Lean and Six Sigma basics has proven this statement to be true.

If you're familiar with the basic principles of Lean and now want to develop a concrete strategy and get started on the road to Lean success, the information-packed Lean 202: Where to Begin? Webcast is a must-see event.


Your panel of speakers includes:

Kirk Paluska

Consultant With Value Stream Solutions &
Lean Enterprise Institute Faculty Member

<Jerry Kilpatrick
Project Manager, ERP and Lean Consulting
Infor Global Solutions

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