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As with many industry segments today, the automotive marketplace is witnessing increases in regulation and compliancy, along with a demand for cost reduction.  Customers and competition are forcing the industry to produce products with less waste, inventory, personnel and resources, while simultaneously giving customers more product and configuration options, shorter lead times and more delivery flexibility.

To conquer these hurdles, many manufacturers turn to Lean manufacturing philosophies as a mechanism for streamlining processes and trimming costs. But so often an investment in formal Lean initiatives is not only outside of the budget, it doesn't always make an immediate cost-cutting impact. But there is a way to utilize lean techniques and get faster results.

InforBarcode inherently supports lean methodologies, eliminating waste and simplifying labor intensive activities with patented, process compression technology. Providing more complete, accurate and accessible data through static and mobile data capture technology, Infor Barcode paves the way to improved margins and payoffs by extending Lean through production operations and into receiving, materials management, inventory and distribution.

Through years of development, InforBarcode has the following functionality to help streamline your automotive operations:

  • ASN 
  • AIAG compliancy 
  • MMOG compliancy 
  • Purchase & sales schedules 
  • License plating 
  • Repetitive manufacturing 
  • Line sequencing 
  • Kanban 
  • Customer and industry compliancy

View this webcast to discover InforBarcode, a simplified solution to a complicated problem - cutting costs while maintaining compliances and satisfying fickle customers. 

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