Webcast - IndustryWeek Webcast: Top 5 Tactics to Support Lean Across the Entire Enterprise

View the IndustryWeek Webcast: Top 5 Tactics to Support Lean Across the Entire Enterprise

In your organization, Lean practices have probably already been implemented on the shop floor or in your supply chain. However, the greatest rewards come from exercising Lean principles throughout the entire enterprise.

In a February 2008 study, Aberdeen Group found that leading manufacturers who have implemented Lean have three performance traits in common. During this Webcast you'll have an opportunity to hear about these benchmarks, learn the 5 tactics to achieve Lean across the entire Enterprise and compare your performance against these Best-in-Class manufacturers.

You will hear from Matthew Littlefield— one of Aberdeen's leading research analysts— as he examines specific strategies for manufacturers to deploy at every stage along the Lean journey. Whether you're a best-in-class Lean overachiever, a company near the industry average, or a Lean laggard, this Webcast will give you specific action points that will guide your next Lean steps - across the entire Enterprise.

Attend this Webcast and be ready to:

  • Learn performance benefits that best-in-class manufacturers achieve with Lean Manufacturing

  • Find out the step by step to extend Lean within all departments in your organization

  • Implement 5 specific strategies to deploy at every stage along the Lean journey

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Featured Speakers:

Matthew Littlefield, Research Analyst, AberdeenGroup

Matthew is a research analyst for the Manufacturing Practice at AberdeenGroup. In this position he studies how manufacturing enterprises manage processes, technologies, quality, and people to address continually changing market pressures. Matthew's research identifies the best practices of the most successful firms, which is then presented within the structure of Aberdeen's competitive market framework. His areas of expertise include Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Manufacturing Execution Systems, enterprise quality management, Lean Six Sigma, and technology interoperability. Matthew has been working with leading global manufacturers for the past ten years and leverages his experience in multi-mode manufacturing, lean manufacturing principles, and technology implementation throughout his research.

Chuck Seipold, Lean Expert, Infor

Chuck has over 30 years of manufacturing operations experience (Plant Manager, Materials Director, Group Director, President), national and international consulting experience (Japan, UK, France, South Africa, Canada) in improving operations and business results with Theory of Constraints (TOC), Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) and JIT/Lean in various industries, such as: automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial testing equipment, construction equipment, plastics forming, consumer products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, hand tools and architectural hardware.

Chuck is Director of the Infor Global Solutions Throughput Improvement Services Group, the Lean initiative team and is directly responsible for the Easy Lean/DBR consulting and implementation.

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