Webcast - 6 Key Metrics for Measuring Lean Success

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For most manufacturers today, Lean is a priority. Every company strives to deliver what the customer wants, when they want it, at the highest feasible quality and at the right price. But delivering on these objectives requires operational measurements to align the organization and evaluate progress.

Many of the Lean manufacturing metrics are the same or similar to those of Traditional Manufacturing organizations. But Lean metrics focus on value streams, not the entire production process, and are focused on continuous improvement, not the judgment of people or managers. Lean metrics are also reported frequently, not just monthly or quarterly, so that problems can be identified quickly and resolved.

Have you implemented measurement programs to help accomplish this goal.

Featuring experienced Lean practitioners, this Webcast will examine the key operational metrics you need to measure your lean initiatives:

  • Throughput by Customer

  • Inventory: WIP, Raw Materials, Finished Goods

  • Cross Training

  • Cycle Time

  • Rework

  • Efficiency by Employee and Department

View this session if:

  • You're already familiar with Lean basics

  • You're anxious to learn more about Lean metrics

  • You'd like to learn how to decrease work in process, finished goods inventory, and increase throughput

  • You'd like to develop a concrete strategy to take your organization to the next level

Featured Speakers:

Traci Tapani, Co-President, Wyoming Machines

Traci is responsible for the company's sales, production, and quality departments.  She became an owner of Wyoming Machine in 1994 and has shared the position of President, with her sister Lori since 1997. Wyoming Machine was founded in 1974 and serves a wide variety of companies and industries throughout the area making products such as heavy equipment, retail store fixtures, and electronic enclosures.

Chuck Seipold, Lean Expert, Infor

Chuck has over 30 years of manufacturing operations experience (Plant Manager, Materials Director, Group Director, President), national and international consulting experience (Japan, UK, France, South Africa, Canada) in improving operations and business results with Theory of Constraints (TOC), Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) and JIT/Lean in various industries, such as: automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial testing equipment, construction equipment, plastics forming, consumer products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, hand tools and architectural hardware.

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