Webcast - Industry Week Webcast: Adopting Lean Manufacturing in a Lean Economy

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Savvy manufacturing executives know that uncertain economic times are also moments of tremendous opportunity to:

  • Capture market share from cash-strapped or timid competitors

  • Improve performance dramatically by rethinking processes and strategies

  • Position themselves for the eventual upturn

Many of these managers are turning to Lean manufacturing techniques as part of a strategy to not just survive tough times, but to reorganize their firms for a more profitable future -- regardless of the economic weather. During the webcast, well-known manufacturing researcher and columnist John Brandt, CEO of the Manufacturing Performance Institute, will share insights based on analysis of data from thousands of firms about how Lean can help you manage during tough times. Based on information form the largest annual study of U.S. manufacturing, The MPI U.S. Manufacturing Study, John will review the experiences of firms already using Lean to achieve superior productivity and profitability now— while building new capabilities for the future.

Kevin Piotrowski, director of industry and product marketing, Infor, will explore the supporting technologies and tools available to manufacturers to implement Lean practices. He will also review customer case studies and show how using Lean processes will positively impact their ability to thrive in a lean economy.

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