Webcast - Lean Beyond the Factory: How to Apply Lean Practices to Your Supply Chain

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Manufacturers have made great strides implementing lean techniques within the factory and are now taking these benefits to the broader value chain to create end-to-end, demand-driven networks. However, lean strategies that work well on a local level can be a challenge to scale across complex, global, multi-tier supply chains.

Achieving the key principles of lean -- greater operational efficiency, eliminating waste and continuous improvement.-- to a distributed supply base means combining business processes and technology to provide the demand visibility and decision support necessary for an efficient and profitable response.

View this IndustryWeek webcast to learn how to bring lean to your supply network and eliminate the waste created by poor supply-demand synchronization. Business process and technology practices will be discussed as well as the organizational changes required to transition lean to the supply chain. We will also highlight case studies of manufacturers using lean practices in their supply chain and show how those efforts have optimized their supply chain and improved business performance.

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Michael Burkett, Vice President, Industry Value Chain Strategies, AMR Research

Adrienne Selko, eMedia Editor, IndustryWeek

Andrew Kinder, Director of Product Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Infor

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