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You've optimized the flow of work on the shop floor, now it's time to do the same in the front office.

Applying Lean principles to administrative tasks will create more value with less work...and improve operational cycle times while eliminating ineffective manual effort. A Lean Office optimizes information flow that contributes directly to higher efficiencies, improved customer service, and reduced inventory.

If your business process requires key individuals to approve certain transactions, such as purchase orders before material can be obtained; or to have other key individuals enter specific data into records before they become available to the enterprise, such as credit limits for new customers before orders can be placed, this can cause delays.

While you cannot eliminate the task, you can automate it and thereby reduce the demand on a human resource while triggering the required procedure at precisely the correct time.

As the "nervous system" for the digital-to-enterprise connection, Infor ERP SyteLine  Application Event System connects, automates and streamlines work processes across your enterprise business system. Software applications must provide intelligent messaging and automated workflow to effectively support a collaborative environment.

Find out how the Application Event System allows you to easily automate manual tasks and business processes. See how you can eliminate the inherent delays of follow up with multiple individuals. By bringing the information to the operator, you accelerate cycle times and avoid wasted effort.

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