Webcast - IndustryWeek: Align Finance with Lean Manufacturing: 9 Actionable Items

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Lean production and management principles fundamentally change production and business processes. Traditional financial accounting and production costing systems being used today were developed many decades ago and have limited recognition of the dramatic changes in manufacturing processes over this time. As much as 30-40% of what accounting does is waste, since it is not aligned with the current realities of lean manufacturing.

This webcast will identify the incongruities and provide nine action items to align finance with Lean manufacturing, and reduce waste in accounting and costing.

By attending this webcast, you'll learn:

  • How financial management can support Lean manufacturing

  • The challenges to introducing Lean finance

  • 9 pragmatic recommendations for improving your Lean performance results by identifying product costing and financial accounting contradictions, and establishing alternate financial methods consistent with Lean principles.

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