Webcast - IndustryWeek Webcast: Risk-Based Compliance: How to Accelerate Profitable Growth While Minimizing Risks

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How to Accelerate Profitable Growth While Minimizing Risks Demo

Are you interested in turning today's compliance "tax" into a competitive advantage? Then you'll need to get a solid grip on risk-based compliance strategies— and learn how you can execute them in your enterprise.

Risk-based compliance represents a powerful new way to address the many threats and liabilities that manufacturers now face.

Consider the devastating impact of the pet food recall in North America due to tainted, low cost material that was sourced abroad. One prominent manufacturer experienced losses exceeding $15 million as result of the recall. Think about the Vioxx controversy in the pharmaceutical arena. Or look at Ben and Jerry's boycott of one prominent egg producer because it was not using "free range" production.

Join us for this Webcast to find out how your company can deal with costly risks such as:

  • Product Recalls

  • Delayed Launches

  • Fines and Citations

  • Crippling Lawsuits

  • Expensive Audits

  • Lost Market Share

  • Product Shipments Held at Borders

  • Consumer Boycotts

  • Environmental Issues

Such risks can be smartly managed.

Through a risk-based approach, you can design compliance into your Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Product Development processes. You can identify areas of risk, assess their magnitude in relation to one another, and strengthen compliance without harming profitability.

Find out how enterprising manufacturers are capitalizing on this approach to manage the compliance risks of low-cost sourcing strategies and confront threats to their brand image. Learn how your company can effectively manage risk and turn compliance into a competitive advantage.

This Webcast will reveal key action steps you can take to implement a risk-based compliance program in your organization.

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