Webcast - Process Manufacturers: Leverage Technology and Avoid a Food Safety Crisis

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Most companies still rely on largely manual processes to detect and mitigate product safety and brand integrity. Even for the process manufacturers who are doing things to the letter of the law, overreliance on manual processes will not meet pending 24 hour regulation guidelines.

Given the potential impact to your brand equity or potential company viability risks, can you afford to ignore this opportunity?  In this webinar, you will learn how companies can leverage their investment in ERP or quality systems to:

  • Detect contaminations or other potential risks

  • Automate work processes and track mitigation status

  • Manage the process of risk assessment and corrective actions which might include a recall

  • Integrate preventative actions into work processes

  • Provide transparency to all stakeholder and to the CEO

  • Design HACCP into development and change management processes

Discover how you can incrementally evolve from disparate or departmental processes and meet ever shortening regulatory lead times and minimize total cost of food safety and compliance. Building on these capabilities, you can proactively design quality and compliance into your products and minimize compliance and quality risks.

Just one recall can ruin your reputation and impact both short and long term revenue and even lead to bankruptcy.  Now is the time to be proactive and protect your company and your brand.  Through technology you can move to a more holistic product safety strategy and avoid recall disasters in the future.

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