Webcast - InforBarcode - The Automated Data Collection Solution for Infor ERP

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InforBarcode is an automated data collection solution for Infor ERP Baan/LN and Infor ERP BPCS/LX customers. Robust and flexibly configurable, InforBarcode has been designed to simplify, automate and eliminate waste from your supply chain. With its real world feel, InforBarcode is a usable, useful tool that easily conforms to your company’s unique processes.  Built on workflow and designed to harness the wealth of functionality within your ERP, InforBarcode is revolutionizing Infor customers - from receiving to shipping and everything in between.

View this webcast and discover how to simplify, automate and eliminate with InforBarcode. Learn more about:

  • Data collection's powerful influence on supply chain efficiency

  • Fast-track implementation and user-friendly interface

  • Maximizing and extending your ERP system

  • Lean functionality that streamlines processes and averts costly data inaccuracies

  • How to simplify, automate and eliminate with InforBarcode

See how you can successfully start a barcoding initiative in receiving and carry those successes through to warehousing and shop floor, culminating in simplified directed picking and shipping. Find out why InforBarcode is the product of choice for companies wanting to get mobile and the perfect solution for profitable productivity improvements.

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