Webcast - Unforgivable Excess: Drive Costs Out of Your Global Supply Chain (or You'll Drive Your Customers Away)

View the Unforgiveable Excess: Drive Costs Out of Your Global Supply Chain

In today's hyper-competitive global markets, there just isn't much room for waste and inefficiency anymore. If you aren't perpetually driving costs out of your business, you may be driving your customers into the arms of your competitors.

Don't let that happen…

Learn from enterprising manufacturers how to:

  • Improve the innovation, operational metrics, cash flow, and performance of suppliers

  • Create a lean, agile, and flexible supply chain, regardless of where your suppliers are located and how many ERP systems you have

  • Track shipments from overseas suppliers by monitoring dynamic ETAs (estimated time of arrivals) and viewing the impact on your inventory

Don't miss this opportunity to drive out cost while driving up your valuation.

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