Webcast - What You Need to Know BEFORE You Close: Tips and Tricks for a Stress-free Month/Year End Close

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Albert Einstein once observed that, "In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity." If you are experiencing difficulties closing the books at month-end and year-end, then this webinar is for you. Try to imagine a closing where:

  • Your month-end is stress free

  • You have time to analyze the details

  • You can easily identify and eliminate problems

  • Your financial statements are generated on-time

  • You have a customized step-by-step process for close

  • You enjoy increased efficiency for less time and effort (and cost)

This webinar can help make that a reality. Learn how to perform a well-designed pre-closing review that will help you identify problem areas, avoid errors, and set priorities. You will see how to reduce workload and stress during the month-end and year-end closings when time is limited.

You're provided with:

  • Detailed month and year-end processing checklists

  • The know-how to tackle problem reconciliation areas

  • Tools to quickly identify and solve balancing issues and close quickly and efficiently

Find the opportunities in your difficulties. Take home some great tips and tricks to increase your efficiency.

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