Webcast - From Kanban to Cash Flow: Strengthening the Extended Enterprise and Seizing the Advantage

View the From Kanban To Cash Flow: Strengthening The Extended Enterprise And Seizing The Advantage Demo

Kanban - a visual control system designed to manage production flow - has proven to be one of the most powerful means of driving out costs and driving up efficiencies in the global manufacturing business.

But now its proponents are running into their own four walls.

Manual Kanban systems have limited capability to communicate real-time material usage to the extended supply base and also have limited ability to adapt to customer demand changes quickly.

As important as Kanban systems have proven, today's Lean manufacturing environment requires more in-depth information and speed than the traditional manual systems are designed to manage.

View this compelling webcast, and learn how enterprising manufacturers like you are capitalizing on advanced, yet cost-effective Kanban systems to track data in real-time and unite their extended supply chains for competitive advantage.

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