Webcast - Increase the value of process ERP – reduce costs and prepare for the upturn

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In these tough times, Infor Process Essentials provides process-specific supply chain solutions used daily to drive down costs, improve cash flow, and increase return on working capital. Getting better products to market faster and optimizing assets to more profitably meet demand has allowed many companies to better meet customer needs and increase market share.

This webinar series will highlight how customers are thriving in these challenging times and are poised for a more effective response to the inevitable economic upswing.

During the first recording, you will see how an integrated set of process industry-specific solutions increases the demand plan accuracy and profitability through collaborative forecasting, seasonality, and demand shaping. Integration of SCM Advanced Planning allows companies to validate the demand plan feasibility and provide an optimal supply plan across their customers' internal and partner supply chains.

These process industry-specific solutions and integrated processes not only meet the objectives of reducing costs, improving customer service, and improving planning for an upswing, but also provide valuable insight into trends. Customers can manage risks and more accurately sense and respond to demand fluctuations or supply variability. By simulating multiple plans, companies can make better trade-off decisions that more profitably meet demands and ensure that most mistakes can be avoided. One or more of the scenarios can model various upswing assumptions and allow companies to proactively prepare themselves to capitalize on the upturn.

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